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Ttraditional Homegarden

Ttraditional Homegarden
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Homegarden is a productive traditional landuse system surrounding the house which is usually planted by a mixture of annual and perennial crops. Homegarden plays important role in fulfilling various daily needs of the household. It is a dynamic system which can change from time to time following the changes of biophysical and social to fulfill the needs of the owner. The changes of structure and function of Homegarden are commonly related to the improvement program, i.e. intensification and commercialization. However, in the improvement program too often high productivity has been set only as a sole goal, while the long-term of sustainability has been neglected leading the destructive changes in the functioning of Homegarden system. Therefore, improvement program should not be weighted solely on its economic potential, but should also be considered on its socio-cultural and natural conservation function.

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